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Our Perspective

Identifying with an Afro-American living in any city in the United States with an Afro-American living in any city in Colombia is only a matter of perspective. African Americans live in all the countries that make up the Americas, North, Central, and South America and the African family has been separated as a result of colonialism and imperialism. Regardless of what country in the Americas African people live, the suffering and denial of the same privileges and opportunities afforded to the status quo, who have inherited and prospered from the spoils of colonialism, continues unabatedly and without mercy.

Afro-Americans in the United States fought decades to obtain equality in education and in educational opportunities. Once received, they applied their knowledge and skills and improved their economic status while simultaneously building thriving and prosperous communities. Afro-Colombians are in the same position today as were Afro-Americans in the United States in the late 60’s. They are still pursuing deliberate and impactful educational opportunities.

We believe that the implementation of “community based English learning classes” are paramount to the success of future generations of Afro-Americans living in South America. The acquisition of the English language can open doors and create avenues to bring many children out of their impoverished conditions and into a higher standard of living.

What We Do
The BHRs South American Language Skills Acquisition project (BHRSALSA) is the Black Heritage Rider’s Latin American initiative. We implement community-based ESL instruction which along with educational enrichment resources, give Afro-American children living in South American impoverished communities a better opportunity to improve their lives. Our focus is on motivating and helping underserved Afro-American children advance and succeed academically. Providing young children with English language skills create educational opportunities that can overcome the overwhelming challenges of obtaining employment and work experience.
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