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Our Perspective

  African Americans live in all the countries that make up the Americas. Afro-Americans live in North, Central, and South America. The African family members have only been separated because of the slave trade that tore African families apart. No matter what country in the Americas African people live, the suffering and denial of the same privileges and opportunities afforded to the status quo, who have inherited and prospered from the spoils of war and slavery, continues unabatedly and without mercy. The only constructs that separate Black people who live in North America from those who live in South America are the border crossings and adopted cultural landscapes. But, what can truly unite the Blacks living in any city in the United States with the Blacks living in any city in Colombia is his/her perspective. African Americans in the US are in a unique position having survived slavery, Jim Crow, varying forms of segregation, the terrorism of hate groups, and the violence in a non-violent Civil Rights movement, to become keepers of the gate. African Americans living in the states hold the key that has opened gates to better education, better housing, better jobs, and a better lifestyle. However, Black Colombians are still locked behind those same gates of mis-education, substandard housing, extremely high unemployment, and abject poverty. We are our bother’s keeper and extending a helping hand to our extended families living in Colombia lets them know they have not been abandoned and forgotten and that help is right next door.
What We Do
The BHR Development Program (BHRDP) is the Black Heritage Rider’s Latin American development network, advocating for change and connecting the Americas to knowledge, experience and resources that help Afro-Colombians build better lives. In Cali, Colombia the BHRDP works to promote development activities that are beneficial to the Afro-Colombian communities. We support growth which creates more and better economic and social opportunities, without harming the environment.
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