How You Can Support

Currently the BHR has four initiatives in the Afro-Colombian communities that directly address and improve the mental, emotional, physical, and economical condition of their residents. You can make a financial contribution to one or all of these activities. Any contribution you can offer regardless of the amount is tax deductible and will make an immediate and positive impact in the lives of everyone living in these communities. Your contribution can save lives, foster pride, raise living standards, stop violence, and support tutorial programs that get children into college.

Chess Initiative

Nicole - Chess Initiative

Nicole – Chess Initiative

A monthly donation of $5.00 provides lunch every Saturday for one child while he or she participates in the 3 hour “teaching English through chess” educational activity. A child like 10 year old Nicole who, at first glance, exhibits behaviors associated with ADHD and who you may dismiss as an unlikely candidate to become highly competitive in such an intellectually stimulating board game. However, after a moment of observation and the realization that she is playing against an 18 year old, you begin to realize that what you are witnessing is untapped borderline genius. A natural gift that has been hidden behind the walls of poverty.

Your contribution of $5.00 pr. child pr. month can help to break down walls that have the systemic and historical roots of benign neglect and create doors of opportunity by helping the “teaching English through chess” club initiative to continue functioning as a practical and stimulating community educational program. Your tax deductible contribution can be a one-time offering of $5 or more and continued as a monthly giving for as long as you wish to support our endeavor. If you wish, your name will be listed on our soon to be created BHR chess initiative contributor’s page.


Football initiative

Our goal is to raise $9,000 dollars to have 3 soccer tournaments held during the year that has proven, in past, to eliminate neighborhood violence from competing gangs. This violence takes the lives of as many as 100 youth in a year as seen in this video.

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In 2013, the leaders in the community took matters in their own hands and began a door-to-door business-to-business campaign of more affluent business outside of Afro-Colombian communities and sat in city offices until their pleas for help were heard. One businessman contributed monies to buy uniforms and the city supplied bottles of water. Several soccer teams were formed from competing youths in bordering neighborhoods and the 4 month soccer tournament stopped the violence completely. The violence returned one month later. The violence doesn’t’ just take the lives of the participants but closes the doors of economic, social, and intellectual activity and prosperity for the community at large. For $9,000 dollars over the course of one year equates to $750 a month for an activity in which approximately 176 children participate with lifesaving residual effects. This is an investment of a little more than $4.00 pr. child over the period of one year and provides the opportunity for other creative initiatives in the arts, education, and sciences to enter the community.

Economic Enterprise Initiative

The BHR seeks partnerships with individuals, faith-based organizations, community businesses, corporations, and government entities to help develop economic enterprises that lead to viable and sustainable economic community development. For example, donations of new clothing, since used garments cannot enter the country, will allow communities to form business cooperatives that would sell these items and reinvest the dollars into the communities to help with infrastructure building, soup kitchens, educational services, and provide employment opportunities. This self-help initiative develops character, fosters pride, stimulates achievement, and motivates excellence.

Educational Initiatives


Awakening the Natural Genius of Black Children, by Amos N. Wilson

$8,000 will fund The BHR’s lecture presentations on “Awakening the Natural Genius in Black Children” and “The Destruction of Black Civilization from 4,500 BC to the Present”. These lecture/presentations provide participants with thought provoking, insightful, and historical content reflecting the African presence, experience, and contributions to humanity. In a country whose educational system provides no historical information about the descendants of Africa and therefore no significant framework for developing self-awareness, ethnic pride, self-worth, and fosters self-pity and self-hatred, these lecture series are a beacon of light to a people starved of the knowledge of self. Your contributions can help to bring truth and mental liberation to Afro-Colombian youth and adults that can stop the cycle of misinformation, miseducation, and misdirection.