Organizing the space, preparing the chess brackets, and seating assignments age groups

Organizing the tournament players into age groups


DSC00077    DSC00133

Last minute strategy meeting


DSC00083 DSC00084

age group 12-14

DSC00090 DSC00088 DSC00105   DSC00135

age group 8-11

DSC00148DSC00122  DSC00131DSC00123  DSC00136 DSC00134DSC00137 DSC00151 DSC00152

age group 15-18

DSC00098 DSC00097 DSC00213


Tournament Play Begins

Ages 8-11


Ages 12-14

DSC00171 DSC00169


DSC00158    DSC00181


Ages 15-18

DSC00155 DSC00154

2nd round of tournament play


DSC00214 DSC00212

DSC00198 DSC00157 DSC00162

3rd and final round of tournament play


DSC00202 DSC00230 DSC00207

3-0 winners take it to the streets for the grand champion of tournament play

DSC00241 DSC00240 DSC00239