Our Perspective

The quality of a person’s educational experiences during his/her developmental stages are substantially related to their measured intelligence, academic achievement, and social behavior as he/she matures into adulthood.

Afro-Americans in the United States fought decades to have African and Afro-American studies implemented into the daily curriculum in the elementary, secondary, and post-secondary public education institution which stimulated a rebirth of pride and devotion to the African homeland and the African race.

While volumes of scholarly work on African people were made available in English, French and other languages, descendants of Africa living in Latin America have yet to benefit from the vast body of knowledge on African identity and African history that predates the institutions of slavery. This institutionalized denial of self-realization can be directly linked to poverty, crime, apathy, and even self-hatred.

The members of the SHAFRO foundation have as their mission to bring that history to light in the hopes of furthering self-awareness, self-esteem, and self-help within the Black communities in Latin America. Through the translation and republishing of scholarly works that discuss African history, culture, and psychology, we hope to foster attitudes of pride and mutual understanding among African descendants in the Americas.

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