SHAFRO at Work

The Overview

Who We Are

We are a team of professionals with English and Spanish proficiency skills, who are committed to sharing African history, culture, psychology and identity through the translation of books written by black scholars.

What We Do

SHAFRO is an educational foundation and an initiative of Black Heritage Riders, based in Cali, Colombia. Our work is focused in three specific areas: we translate books on African history from English to Spanish. These works are written by black scholars who have done major studies and scholarly work in African culture, identity and psychology. We offer presentations and conferences on African history within Afro-Colombian communities and institutions located in the main cities as well as the surrounding rural areas of Colombia. At the local level, we develop study groups to read, discuss and analyze books on African studies, facilitate the understanding and thus enrich the knowledge of our history. The national and local governments have produced some materials in Spanish on the subject of African studies, however, these studies are limited in content and scope.

Our Goal

The purpose of the Shafro foundation is to translate historical narratives that offer perspectives on African society and culture as well as the values of humility, courage, and wisdom that were common within the culture. It is within the context of these historical narratives and the recognition and understanding of past mistakes that we achieve the goal of pursuing a better existence for everyone in Latin American society.