Help Us In Our Current Initiatives

With your contributions and donations, the ability of Afro-Colombians to understand and embrace the African presence, culture and contributions in world history and the desire to formulate an African identity and perspective will no longer be limited to Internet studies.

The BHR and Shafro foundations are working together to translate and distribute texts written by historians about African history and culture into the Spanish language. Information on African history, African peoples and their contributions to humanity are, for the most part, non-existent in the countries of South America where large populations of African descendants reside.

Your contributions and donations will help thousands of people in Latin America have access to knowledge that has been absent in the hearts and minds of thousands of descendants of Africa and, hopefully, by understanding the history of the peoples, will contribute to their self-awareness, self-esteem and to the betterment of all in society. However, your contributions and donations will help thousands of people in latin America to have access to a wealth of knowledge that has been absent in the hearts and minds of thousands of descendants of Africa and, hopefully, by having a understanding of a peoples history, it will contribute to a healthier society for all.

Publication Initiative

Our goal is to raise $30,000.00 to fund the translation and distribution of the book entitled “The Destruction of Black Civilization from 4,500 BC to the present.” The publication and distribution of this text and the conference to promote its availability to the public will provide participants and readers with historical work and a perspective on the presence, experiences and contributions of African peoples to humanity.

The education system in Colombia, as in most Latin American countries, does not provide its black population with significant resources to enhance their self-awareness, ethnic pride and self-esteem, all of which are important factors in cultivating a productive and all-inclusive society.


The members of Shafro are frequently invited to secondary schools, colleges, and community organization to present and discuss our visual presentations on African history and identity. Your contributions can support our efforts to travel to the smaller cities and rural areas in Colombia where Internet services are generally limited to and local educational institution that provides its service during school hours.

Our Future Educational Initiative


Awakening the Natural Genius of Black Children, by Amos N. Wilson

The SHAFRO foundation has identified and began organizing the work ahead. Our next project will be the translation of the work by “Dr. Amos Wilson entitled, “Awakening the Natural Genius of Black Children”.

In a country whose educational system provides inadequate historical information on the descendants of Africa and, therefore, no viable mechanism or significant framework for developing self-awareness, ethnic pride and self-esteem, the translated text on the subject has limitless value to people who want to know their history. Your contributions can help bring light to a shaded past and reduce the cycle of misinformation and misdirection.